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    how can I flash samsubg S3350 ?

    pls to be helped me.

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    Essentials and procedure

    Make Sure that Infineon USB Drivers is installed on your PC.

    Run Samsung S3350 Downloader.

    From Communication Driver drop down menu select: Infineon USB Driver.

    At the Erases Calibration drop down menu select: Erase whole flash before download.

    Drag and Drop the file: S3350*xx_bin.fls

    Drag and Drop the file: S3350*xx_cds.fls

    Drag and Drop the file: S3350O*xx.dffs

    Drag and Drop the file: S3350*xx_UI_IMAGE.fls

    Click Start ( Next in new versions ) button.

    Click Start USB1 button and connect USB cable to turned off phone Along with ( * ) Key pressed to Start the Update.

    Do nothing till the program tells you that the process is Success.

    Turn the phone on and do full reset by this code: *2767*3855#.

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    is it works 100 % ?

    where can I find out the flash files except z3x support ?

    pls to be helped me.

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    brother check here .
    hwk best for flash Samsung Infineon .

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