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    i have a samsung e1232b condition of phone is phone lock

    i ll chek not supported yet Along with any tool

    so i ll try Along with z3x select model e1230 it conect or done but set is dead

    how to alive it again Please to be helped me.

    here is log file..

    Selected model: E1230

    Selected com port: COM5

    Selected speed port: 921600

    kindly* connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

    Phone Detected

    Sending loader1... OK

    Flash ID: 08

    Sending loader2... OK

    Unlock - ok

    If lock - not deactivate: kindly make full reset *2767*3855# + input code #7465625*638*00000000#

    Elapsed time: 64 second* sw ver: 3.5.0029

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    i have same problem

    how to slove...?

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    E1230 and E1232 - different hardware use 3.5.0033 version for unlock this phone.

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    but how to recover

    now set is dead

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    i also having same problem phone lock how to remove phone lock anyone get success post here

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    Use read info for read code - unlock fuction is bug.

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    I make unlock and read info and have

    Selected model: E1232

    Selected com port: COM3

    Selected speed port: 921600

    kindly* connect phone and press power button 3 seconds

    Телефон обнаружен

    Sending loader1... ок

    Flash ID: 08

    Sending loader2... ок

    kindly wait for patching firmware...

    Нет ответа - дамп

    Чтение - ошибка

    Patch MSL - FAIL

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