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    Write Error: hDat 14* at: 0x01000000:08

    Process Failed* Repowering Mobile

    how to solve this kind of error? this box is new.... comes Along with this error everytime i flash even working units... want to be helped....



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    bad flash file* reinstall it

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    flashfile is working Along with other tools....... i try Along with other unit but still same problem... any to be helped

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    upupup can we fix this kind of error or i will send back to resseller? any to be helped...

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    not care about other tools

    just change file

    and say here which file have error ?

    if all files have same error* sure your box is damaged

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    hdat 14 mostly problem from cpu

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    i try Along with other file sir but problem still the same.... and even in other working phone model error uccors everytime i flash... more to be helped..

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