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Thread: how to select mcu*ppm*cnt*and other file ? - HWK - (Saras Box) ?

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    it is difficult for me to select flashfile for newest nokia phones.

    if someone have good idea to select file easy Please guide me

    for example (5130 rm-495)

    mcu: rm495__07.97.mcusw

    ppm: rm495__07.97.ppm_mh

    cnt: rm495__07.97.image

    in abow example everybody easily select file for flash phone in any tool*because there is already name of file include Along with version.


    for letest phones like e52*n86*and many more.....................

    have flash file like below

    example(e-52 rm-469)






    now how we know which file is mcu*ppm*cnt*or other ?

    hope experts understand my problem and guide me well..........

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    yes bro ur wright

    i request experts to be helped how to select file.

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    Mostly mcu has initials like : C00* COR* CORE C1*C0 or mcusw

    PPM : V01* V02 or any number After V or PPM

    CNT : U01* U02* or any number after U* UDA* UCP* NAI* or image

    I think this should to be helped.

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    ok this one

    prd.core.fpsx= this is mcu

    prd.rofs2.fpsx= this is ppm

    prd.uda.fpsx= this is cnt

    must better use detail and click size

    the mcu is big size like this 94*691 KB FPSX file

    the pmm is not big like 34*330 kb fpsx file

    cnt is small size 7*997kb

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    if you install full data package i think no want select manually

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