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    Today i am going to order volcano ...i am a dragon user who upset a lot i am going to purchase volcano volcano support Is ARM MSW8533D Chip..... i dont know is this CPU or Not title=confused (CITY CALL c3000) ?

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    brother 100% supported this chip............

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    Qaisar Mahmood
    brother 100% supported this chip............

    Thank u today i wl purchase two volcano boxes ****

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    yes it is supported by volcano from very first day.


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    again i am asking is volcano support ARM ...if yes which platform should i select ????

    now i have PEL model C5 have ARM -msw 8532 not detect via rx tx soldered also ?????

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    bro pls post screen shot for to be helped

    volcano ahead of all

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    Thanks Team.. and who to be helpeded me a lot for a long time

    Here is success story

    Detection completed.

    Setting pinouts...

    Pinout setting complete.

    Detection initiated...

    Vcc: null

    Gnd: 5

    Analyzing D+ and D-...

    D+ = 3* D- = 2

    Detection D+/D- Along with 1.08 seconds!

    Analyzing USB device* kindly wait...

    Found [MSTAR]USB device:GCREADER USB Device*(VID_1B20&PID_0300)


    Find USB device:GCREADER USB Device* (VID_1B20&PID_0300)

    Pinouts setting complete!

    Connecting to phone...

    Connection success!

    Boot downloading finished.

    Flash Type: GIGA_GD25Q64

    Flash ID: 00C8601700000000

    Flash Size: 00800000h

    CPU : 8533d/8532_series

    Flash Erasing finished

    >>Flash Writing finished.

    Model PEL C5



    jawadanis: dont connect urs set Along with rx tx

    jawadanis: u can connect it Along with jeck

    JEEVAN: means 5 pin adapter which is named 05b

    jawadanis: yh

    JEEVAN: here also cant detect

    jawadanis: now u got my point

    JEEVAN: yes

    JEEVAN: here also cant detect

    jawadanis: 1st go in detect section

    JEEVAN: k

    jawadanis: there is the option of rx tx cable and usb cable

    jawadanis: select usb cable

    jawadanis: and press find urs ph

    JEEVAN: i could not follow u

    jawadanis: why?

    jawadanis: its so easy

    JEEVAN: there is the option of rx tx cable and usb cable

    jawadanis: select usb cable

    jawadanis: u have team viewer??

    JEEVAN: where u saying abt this

    JEEVAN: in detect

    JEEVAN: cable or detect type?

    JEEVAN: yea wait

    jawadanis: ok

    JEEVAN: 429 127 052

    JEEVAN: 9066

    jawadanis: connect urs ph

    JEEVAN: connected

    JEEVAN: want to to come video call

    jawadanis: press and hold power button

    JEEVAN: pressing

    JEEVAN: here i connect Along with 05b

    jawadanis: r u sure urs connector is ok?

    JEEVAN: want me to connect Along with rx tx print

    JEEVAN: want me to connect Along with rx tx print?

    JEEVAN: 1000%

    jawadanis: mstar ph will connect Along with only usb method

    JEEVAN: connector perfect and i used volcano and dragon pin too

    jawadanis: check there is 1 sign like thumb on connector

    jawadanis: and 1 is on cable

    jawadanis: r they infront of them

    JEEVAN: ya

    jawadanis: is there urs ph on usb mode?

    JEEVAN: only logo

    jawadanis: reconnect it

    jawadanis: put it flash file

    JEEVAN: i dont have any flashfile ???

    jawadanis: which model u have?

    jawadanis: i will send u flash file

    jawadanis: cant see clearly

    jawadanis: just say model name

    JEEVAN: pel - c5


    JEEVAN: c5

    jawadanis: ok wait

    jawadanis: i will send u file

    JEEVAN: and where to get the file

    JEEVAN: i could not access volcano support site and register too?

    jawadanis: i will send u file

    JEEVAN: ok

    jawadanis: just wait a min

    JEEVAN: ok

    jawadanis: accept it

    jawadanis: d u have any dead ph?

    JEEVAN: no

    jawadanis: c5

    JEEVAN: no

    jawadanis: dont understand whjat u wan to show mee

    JEEVAN: just blinking and i dont have such a type of dead phone

    jawadanis: ohh

    jawadanis: its ok

    jawadanis: just wait till file finished

    JEEVAN: where to get these files... and for a long time i was try to detect the pinout not detect .. but u had come and detect come?>


    You have received 1 file from jawadanis.

    PEL C5.rar

    Open (Alt+Shift+O)

    jawadanis: ok

    jawadanis: this is urs file

    jawadanis: extract it on desktop

    JEEVAN: done and selected

    jawadanis: 1st extract it

    JEEVAN: can bin file extractable?

    jawadanis: noo

    JEEVAN: rar file extract done

    jawadanis: did u extract it already?

    JEEVAN: s

    jawadanis: press and hold power button again

    jawadanis: ok release power button

    jawadanis: in 2-3 min it will be flash

    jawadanis: yeah peche jo baitha hoa hai ais se poucho kyun hans raha hai??


    JEEVAN: english

    JEEVAN: i could not access volcano support site and register too?

    jawadanis: not understand hindi?

    JEEVAN: here we are not spkeaing


    jawadanis: u seems happy

    JEEVAN: yea

    jawadanis: all the best

    JEEVAN: one min

    jawadanis: can i go noww??

    JEEVAN: whr to download which i req file for me

    jawadanis: from gsm hosting

    JEEVAN: shall i req all the time

    jawadanis: or i have same ph u can read file from that ph too

    jawadanis: if u wan flash u want

    jawadanis: its same like dragon

    JEEVAN: yea i know.. in dragon they have lots of file *** but here where?

    JEEVAN: any way thanks for the great and speedy to be helped

    jawadanis: ur wellcome

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