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    china iphone 4s mt6235 invalid sim

    how to repair imei? Please to be helped me

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    there is two option for imei try one by one and let me know! if you get any error kindly post your screenshot Along with detail.


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    its possible to change imei via usb?

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    if phone detect via usb method then for sure its possible!


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    how to detect it?

    how to set pins for it?

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    go to detect tab

    select proper cable from list

    select cpu type ( mstar D+ D-)

    connect phone

    click detect button and dont hold power button

    then click on set pinout

    now go back to mtk tab

    untick auto pinouts detect

    select operation you want (format. read flash. write flash. imei repair)

    and click run ( dont touch power button) as it is usb mode.

    try and post result.

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