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    Ok* this may sound crazy* but the lowest volume when listening to music is too loud for me (when its quiet around me). Apparently I have sensitive hearing. Does anyone know how to fiddle with the internal volume settings??? I could find Volume boost* which I obviously dont need.


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    you turned your volume down on the side of the phone already and it didnt help at all?

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    yes* all the way down. the next one produces no sound. title=Frown

    There is not a problem with the sound* it goes up and down* just not down enough!! I want to know if there is a way I can make it go down more. I cant find anything. If its any consolation* Ive only had the thing for 36 hours.

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    Wow never heard anyone complain about the sound being to high.

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    i dont know...i just took about 10 mins looking through all the places i would think it would be and i dont know...i would only think of turning the volume down with the volume buttons on the side...sorry title=Frown

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    unfortunately youre probably out of luck.

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    You can Google MP3Gain. I used it to raise the music volume* you can use it to do the opposite.


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