ATF v9.51 Auto Update!! Public Discussion Thread:

9.51 (auto update)
Release Date: January 23* 2013

"Fixed INVALID FILENAME Error in Infineon FBUS LBF"

Release Date: January 22* 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30

"Initial 2013 Update"

What's New?

* Infineon XG110 FBUS read HASH for LBF (Stand Alone)
* Lumia eMMC Direct Now supports Newer WP_OS 7.8 Partition Direct Write (For QCOM Phones)
* Added Vista/Win7/Win8 32/64-bit "Run-As-Admin" Manifest (No need to right-click exe)
* Latest BB5 Flash Loaders Package
* Latest Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver_7.1.101.0
* Latest WinUSB 32/64 bit Drivers

What was Changed?

* Improved Booting Speed on XG110 FBUS Phones
* Improved Application SKIN Handling

Other Stuff

* Complete Variant Listing for Lumia Win7 and Win8 Phones (as of Jan-22-2012)
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of Jan-22-2012)