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    Samsung c3303 flashing easy way enjoy

    Prepare the Phone Driver for Flashing.
    1. Turn OFF Phone.
    2. Connect MicroUSB to Champ.
    3. Press Volume Down + Lock key then connect USB Cable to PC
    4. Install driver (Driver can be found on C3300K_Flash_loader_7.4.4_SSG_v0.5 folder* 52xdfu)(Manual install it using device manager)

    When installed* get ready.

    Re flashing
    1. Run Flash loader 7.4.4_SSG_v0.5.exe

    2. Click SET MODEL -> Select C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl

    6. Click Start

    7. Turn OFF Phone.

    8. Connect MicroUSB to Champ.

    9. Press Volume Down + Lock key then connect USB Cable to PC

    10. Wait the flashing finished.
    (During the Flashing* your phone is off* then when the flashing is finish* you can see the your phone is charging.

    11. Remove from USB. Turn on the Phone* Check if success*
    -if failed* try nyu ulit ang mga steps.

    direct download link:FLASHER DOWNLOAD
    direct download link:Firmware DOWNLOAD
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