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Thread: Nokia N96 - White Screen

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    I updated my N96 to latest version 30 from NSU. Afterward* the camera on the set stopped working.
    I then gave the set get it fix from a local shop. The guy told me its need to be downgraded. I guess he used MT-Box and downgraded to version 20. As a result the set is dead* white blank screen shows when it starts. He told me he even tried the full erase but still no avail.

    Can someone help me* how can I get it back to life. Thanks in advance.

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    Go to the person who serviced your mobile and tell him you want the mobile in the same state it was when you gave him!
    He has the back-ups and whatever needed to solve the problem and you dont.
    If he is not able to solve the problem he can buy you a new mobile or pay the expenses to have it fixed by a nokia centre.

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    hi mate
    n96 is pm protected
    downgrade wil damage ur phone
    update to the old version and ur problem will be solved
    camera will not be solved
    but the phone will be revived again

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