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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    .::BB key Multi unlocker 100% work on alkatel and ZTE modem unlocking ::.

    Alcatel Unlock Code Generation

    Generating Alcate Codes

    1.Launch Software
    2.Select "Alcate" Tab
    3.Select your Alcatel model from the drop down list
    4.Select the Provider ID for your phone (see image below on where to find this information)
    5.Click "calculate Code"
    6.Your Code Will Now be displayed.

    Alcatel Entering Codes

    Model : Method Generic
    1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card*
    2 - Then compose : *#0000*CODE#*
    3 - To finish compose : *#0001*CODE#.
    Model : 531 & 535
    1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card*
    2 - Press * and without release compose 787292*
    3 - A new menu "Unlock Network" will appear* then select "YES"*
    4 - Enter the Code we send to you.
    Model : All other Alcatel
    1 - Switch on your phone with a not allowed SIM Card*
    2 - When the message "Enter Network Key" appear enter the Code we send to you

    ZTE Unlock Code Generation

    Generating Code
    1. Launch Software
    2. Select "Codes By IMEI" Tab
    3. Select your model from the "ZTE" drop down list
    4. Click "calculate Code"
    5. Your Code Will Now be displayed.
    Entering ZTE Codes

    For enter nck type the following sequence in mobile : ###825*09#
    Model : X760* 341

    1.POWER ON PHONE WITH A Sim the phone will not accept
    2.enter unlock code at the prompt
    3.The PHONE is now unlocked
    Huawei Modem Unlock Code Generation

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    thanks for sujet

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    Hi Fridoux**** I have ZTE MF637U Modem which is locked to a single operator but I would wish to unlock it so that I can use sim cards from other operators. Please assist me to unlock this modem. Thanks in advance.

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    .::ZUBAIR::. is online now
    Given details in upper post same apply on your set your set will be unlocked................

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    AAight we talkin now. Thankx.

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    HEY "Z" im thankfull for the software and it works great. I was just wondering how i could get unlockin software for Alcatel OT 305 tct.Seems china phones are flooding the market coz operators are lockin the phones to one network so I got to get me a gewnuine phone working with all networks. Thankx again.

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    ineed this program to unluck my ztf modem

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