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    I have Samsung S5230 with dead boot
    I flash it after it start blinking
    i download new boot the same for that firmware and its become dead
    i was trying to repair with downloader_s5230 it can earase but it cant write new boot also i try with Z3X the same story bad ask or timeout
    the phone with new flash
    Does some 1 have any new idea or new prodramm to download the boot in this BRICK!!!

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    I believe that new flash id exists now.
    got 2 samsung s5230 from Phones 4 U (UK) which were locked to vodafone. They went to dead when I tried to flash them with MultiLoader_V5.62.exe in order to chanage language. I noticed actually boot files were flashed sucesfully. but cant go to download mode any more and nothing happens when you press power button.
    Tried to fix them via z3x and spt* both failed. tried GT-S5230_UART_Downloader.exe and BCM213x1_Downloader_v0.88(C).exe with different interface (infinity box* z3x* nspro* ustpro2* vygis )* no luck.
    Got 3rd samsung s5230 from Phones 4 U in the morning and working on it now.

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    forgot to mention* the original firmware was S5230XPJE4* FS DEF. if you didnt flash boot you can get download mode. phone could be revived by firmware S5230XPJB1.

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    You all should know that in BROADCOM CPU* downgrade the FW it will dead!

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    hoang / You all should know that in BROADCOM CPU* downgrade the FW it will dead! Hi* are you sure about this? but the phone has been revived by S5230XPJB1 which is older than S5230XPJE4. Cheers.

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    how to restore the bottles in this case

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    the only away to revive the phone is JTAG
    it is new HW ver.710

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