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    i have samsung s8003 bootloop problem it keep reboot the phone. i been flash with so many firmware of the s8003 but it didnt fix. does anyone how to fix it. also anyone know if i using the jtag will it fix the boot loop problem. or maybe is the hardware problem where should i take the look at hardware. thank you all title=smile

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    no one has problem with s8000 and s8003 with bootloop problem.

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    fix it change new cpu for other same phone.

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    there nothing wrong wit ur mob***
    when power on***keep pressing the power on*i mean press on repeatedly**till pass the loop***and powers up****had this prob on a few s8000**
    after unlock*and after flash****
    this work***av a go....
    if this has helped you*please press thanks title=smile

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    please explain clearly *i want to try your solution *have a jet S8003

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    tichoto / please explain clearly *i want to try your solution *have a jet S8003 as stated in above**keep pressing the power on*****
    press power on*take finger off**press power on*take finger off***
    keep doing that ***you may need to do it*upto 20 times...
    that apply to s8000 and s8300 i not had a s8003 but give it a go... title=smile

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