I took at look at completed ebay auctions of 3GS 32Gig phones and found many damaged ones going for crazy prices. Are people really saving money buying these and fixing them or profitable if they resell them? Youll need to be logged in to view these completed auction links.

Cracked screen: $315 (Presumably locked)

Apple iphone 3GS White (32GB) in corner screen cracked - eBay (item 220653407918 end time Aug-17-10 17:36:33 PDT)

Liquid Damage: $256

Apple iphone 3GS Black (32GB) (Unlocked) - eBay (item 120607874880 end time Aug-14-10 15:10:08 PDT)

Both Glass and LCD broken: $300

Iphone 3GS White 32GB broken screen * PARTS * good back - eBay (item 300454749720 end time Aug-11-10 14:23:17 PDT)

Here are ones with no damage that went for the same or less:

$315 (Has accessories):

Apple iphone 3GS Black (32GB) (Unlocked) BRAND NEW - eBay (item 220650480975 end time Aug-07-10 19:34:48 PDT)

$200 (Unlocked too)

Black Apple iPhone 3GS 32gb Unlocked and Jailbroken!!! - eBay (item 320571550067 end time Aug-05-10 11:13:55 PDT)