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    Hi All

    I bought an old Iphone of a guy in the pub for very cheap price. Its a bit scuffed up etc but works (at least partly)

    Have the no network issue so think it might be blacklisted. If it is at least I have an ipod!

    Sure I read somewhere about a database where you check the IMEI to see if its carrier blocked. Does anyone know where I can find this or provide a link?


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    Two scenarios:
    1 - If the iPhone is LOCKED to some carrier* just put a SIM card that specific carrier.
    2 - If the iPhone is FACTORY UNLOCKED* just put a SIM card from ANY carrier.
    If you dont get any service with the SIM card inserted on either the scenarios* your iPhone is blacklisted.
    Nevertheless* if it does work and if the iPhone came overseas (from your accent* I take you like in the UK)* then its possible it still might be blacklisted in some other country.
    One last thing* go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT and tell us what you see in the NETWORK* CARRIER and MODEL specifications.

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    There are several. Easiest* free way is to try and sell it to mazuma.. You will get a confirmation free of charge within a few hours..

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    Unlockgod making mobile unlocking simple on my site I have an IMEI checker

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    Have tried your site but the paypal link does not seem to be working?

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    first link is free
    2nd link you pay
    You can check here: Mobile Phone Crime Unit: What we do

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    unlockgod / Unlockgod making mobile unlocking simple on my site I have an IMEI checker Sorry all fixed now folks title=smile

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