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    nexxus63 / poderosa box is copy and paster of furios gold
    Its not any copy/paste. Just latin version for our PACK 4.

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    this is the real Poderosa and its mean pwer gal or something like that title=big /
    yes its another verion of furious pack4 ; the same interface

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    .:hack3r2k:. / Its not any copy/paste. Just latin version for our PACK 4.
    Brtitle=wink why Furious Team doesnt say anything about this product?? Or they just code his own stuff and make some partnership with Furious Team ?

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    so is it true sir hacker that this dongle can read code from bb phones?
    is it the lock code? the security code?
    please do confirm sir...
    coz if its the code that im telling that this dongle can read i think this will be the best dongle ever when it comes to bb phones...
    no need to wipe out the phone just to reset the code...
    i need confirmation from the team

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    must be a joke of someone its furious gold

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