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    Hi * I wanted to update the firmware in this phone due to some problems but unfortunately when I try it stops at wait for device initialization - in the Desktop manager - and a blank screen only written Reload software:Error 507 in the phone * problem seems to be with the computer has I tried on two phones and both of them are in the same conditions ...

    And before that Im quite sure Im having problems installing the device drivers has in one of them * sometimes when connecting * the computer doesnt recognize it with a message unknown device in usb port...... I cant get it to fully install it so it stops in wait for device initialization .....

    Im really looking forward to some help ....

    Has anyone experienced a similar case and managed to get through it ?!!?

    Thanks .....

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    flash it with apploader BlackBerry Phones Update/Flash Easy Way
    b.r aleon

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    Hi * thats the application Im using .......
    Is there any other software ?!!

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    Hi* I just solved it ......
    I changed the cable to a original Blackberry cable (not nokia) * and if it doesnt work it happens also when the phone has charging problems * just check the charging connector and its all ok ......

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    try this* pull bat* leave it about 15minutes* and try again* if failed check connector and cable* if etill failed rehot processor

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