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    How to install Driver For UFS in Windows 7

    To install UFS Drivers in Windows Vista/7 you need to Disable digital driver Singning... to do that follow this Tutorials.

    Go to the Start menu and type cmd.exe in the Search Bar. Right click on cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator.


    If you have the UAC turned on* choose Yes to proceed. Otherwise* you should see the command windows opened already. In the shell window* copy paste the following and hit Enter.

    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

    You’ll get a confirmation that the operation completed successfully* as you can see below:


    Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. You’ve just disabled digital driver signing in Windows 7.

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    no need to do so much to installing ufs driver in win7 .... use just hwk update client installation and its automaticly dectect device and install driver ........
    i am using win7 ultimate 32 bit operating system...........

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    Please help me my brother to install my box* EASY-BOX (eu box)* Setool* HWK UFS* INFINITY COMBO PLUS *JAF *DONGLE FENIX* MX-DONGLE KEY* Z3X-BOX* I just bought a machine that accepts Windows Vista and Windows 7* I started having a headache the professional Help me finish this problem* I have another machine is used for the moment that capacity is

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    hello everybody I have problem with HWK installation where I get an error message after I finished the installation and try to connect the box to PC.
    I got help before from one of the members but I can not remember which program I got that removed the previous driver I hope one of you help me and tell me what software I can use to remove it or these steps is solve the problem ?
    the error message i get is Bad Environment - 2 - Library not found Clean system from obsollete USB drivers

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    PLZ help i install hwk before but my system have problem which i can not unistall before i format* but after format trying to install i get this error bad environment:-2-library not found
    clean system from obsollete usb drivers please help me

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    am using window 7 32bit please

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    akinboj3089 / am using window 7 32bit please hi*
    - do not plug any box.
    - go to C:mobileEx3.4datadriversufs* run FTClean and FTDIUNIN
    - now plug your box* if asking for driver* manually directing it to C:mobileEx3.4datadriversufs2.4.16.0

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