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    ashraf_bcs / Go to NSS then click the magnifying glass button on the top right* its the scan for new device button. After your device is found* click the phone info button* top left area. Then click permanent memory tab at the bottom right. Tick the button to file then click the read button on the right side next to it. man dont be spaming here* this is absolutely Wrong.
    Did you consider it (Phone) will ask you for drivers if it has Security Code or Locked by User?
    No it will not ask you for drivers* if it (phone) can ask for drivers so it can also be Factory Set instead using this old and long procedure (read pm* find code in 308 field)
    Phone can not be connect if it has Security Code or Locked by User. Not Working!

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    it looks like u have tried this on one of the handset that u already know the security code.
    very OLD solution mate.
    and the one u r talkin is completely rubbish.

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    kushstha / it looks like u have tried this on one of the handset that u already know the security code.
    very OLD solution mate.
    and the one u r talkin is completely rubbish.
    Try it on Mt-BOX ul see it works via USB cable. I resetted lock code for my customers using the USB Cable for 5800 and 5310 and N82.

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    I just registered to the forum to say thanks very much! This method worked exactly as described and I was able to acquire the security code so I could give the phone to someone else.
    Tested on a Nokia 6110 Navigator and worked perfectly.
    Cheers! title=big

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    yes this method only works when you forgott your security code and its not active as well if security code is active then you cant connect with USB cable * must read the code by FBus Method.
    Take Care

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    The problem is bigger.. apart in the new phones the code is crypted so if you dont know the algo you cant read it.. as well in some models it is in the PM35..
    Anyway if you cant access your mobile as it is blocked by code just put a resistor about 5 Kohm between BSI (o) and GNS (-) pins of the battery ans plug the battery too.. when you switch it on it will go in local mode and can be seen by NSS.
    In the factory settings tab of nemesis you can find a button user code* just thick it and click on the button reset.. and it will be again 12345.
    Operation for sure more easy then read a PM and if needed decrypt it

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    Thanks a million. Been struggling to reset the lock code of our Nokia 6110 Navigator for ages as we wanted to reset it before giving it for use to a family member. This guide is really easy and a life saver! Cudos to the author!

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